10 Richest Male Tennis Players

10 Richest Male Tennis Players

Tennis players, just like every other athlete make lots of money. But their income is just limited to their winnings and prize money from grand slams or other ATP tournaments.  It  includes endorsements, grants, and commercials.

Sometimes, their opportunities are boosted by their fame in the sport as well as how good they are on the court. We examine below the 10 richest male tennis players according to current statistics.

  1. Roger Federer

The ‘swizz magician’ as some call him, is the richest male tennis player alive. Having captured his 20th grand slam title, he has won over 115 million dollars in prize money. His net worth is made up of endorsements and commercials majorly. His sponsors include Nike, Wilson, Gillette, Rolex, and so on. His net worth is around $420 million. He has won more money on the court more than any other tennis player on the planet.

  1. Novak Djokovic

This Serbian professional tennis player was born on May 22, 1987 and currently lives in France.  . On the court, he has won a whopping 108 million dollars, and has won 12 grand slams in his career. He is also making lots of money from endorsements and commercials. His current net worth amounts to some $200 million

  1. Rafael Nadal

Having won so many grand slams (15) in his career, the Spaniard is not just a tennis star, but a rich on at that. He has won over 80 million dollars in prize money and scoops in some $20 million more annually from sponsorship deals. He is currently worth nearly $200 million.

  1. Andre Agassi

During his playing days, he was considered the finest player ever to grace the court. He has made over 30 million dollars in prize money alone and now he is worth about $175 million

  1. Pete Sampras

He was a former world number one who retired from professional tennis in 2012. Over his 14 glittering playing years, he won some 14 grand slam singles titles. His net worth is $150 million.

  1. Andy Murray

The current world number 3 within the men’s singles has won three grand slam titles. He is also an Olympic champion twice. Popular among the Brits, his net worth stands at $120 million.

  1. David Ferrer

Annually, he rakes in around 16 million dollars, and throughout id professional career, he has won around 95 million dollars in prize money. His greatest result was a French open final appearance in 2013 where he lost to Rafael Nadal. His net worth stands at $64 million.

  1. Tomas Berdych

According to current statistics, the Czech based tennis star is worth some $62 million presently. He has won over 30 million in prize money on the court.

  1. Yevgeny Kafelnikov

A former world number in the male rankings during his playing days hails from Russia. He was also a former Olympic Gold medalist. He is worth some $24 million

  1. Ivan Lendl

Having won 8 grand slam titles during his career, he caps our list of richest male tennis starts with a net worth of about $22 million.

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