4 Greatest Benefits of Tennis

4 Greatest Benefits of Tennis

When comparing calories spent per hour, playing tennis is at the very top, alongside sports like jogging and cycling. Besides this, there are many other benefits of playing tennis and we have singled out 4 of the best ones.

Brain and Coordination Development

Tennis is a game based on angles and geometry, and as a research from Active.com found out, it can have the same influence on your brain development as much as playing chess. Since a big part of tennis is being one step in front of your opponent and thinking ahead in order to develop a pattern movement, playing tennis long-term helps maintain and develop the brain.

Besides having a good influence on the brain, tennis also provides a big boost to coordination, helping develop motor skills through personal coordination on the tennis court. Rapid movement, tracking the ball and your opponent, adjusting the distance and position with every move, all help develop coordination significantly.

Muscle Development and Cardio

The quick movement and short explosive bursts players are required to make during a tennis match are a great way to increase cardio levels. Due to the nature of the sport, tennis helps burn fat more easily as well as to maintain a healthy level of heart rate speed.

There are not that many sports that simultaneously have a great impact on both your cardio and muscle development. Playing tennis builds muscles in the back, arms, legs and the entire upper body in general. And this muscle development is not static and repetitive like let’s say, bodybuilding. During the tennis match, the player moves from side to side, up and down the court, at different speeds hitting differently angled shots. These unconstant movement patterns help develop muscles in the entire body.

Personality and Confidence Building

Tennis is one of the best sports for building and developing personality characteristics, and a great way to build self-esteem and get rid of negative feelings and anxiety. Besides having the satisfaction that comes with training a sport, the specific aspects that an individual sport like tennis brings to the table are a great influence on building a well-rounded personality.

As listed on Tennis.com, several studies have shown that those who regularly play tennis have a more positive and confident outlook on the world around them. There is no doubt that tennis is one of the best sports for all-around physical and internal development. The chemicals triggered in the brain during regular tennis practice also leads to increase in libido, mood, and in some cases, it has even lead to the alleviation of depression.

Mental Strenght Shaping

Tennis builds alertness and tactical thinking, as well as perception. It significantly helps to shape mental strength, due to being a highly disciplined sport that requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Mastering the game requires patience, time and sacrifice, and all of the virtues and traits gained while practising tennis can be applied in real life.

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